Bringing world Traditional items and color elements into our new home.

Bringing world Traditional items and color elements into our new home.

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By  ~ Julia Behringer

I am Latina and raised most of my life outside the US, traditional items and colors from around the world just catch my eye. As I started to design our new home, I wanted to bring those elements into different spaces. These amazing colors create a peaceful, relaxing environment across modern or contemporary furniture settings. I want my home to open its arms and welcome people in, make them want to relax and talk to each other. I could not have been happier with the great quality and colors from these pillows. We get compliments and they have been a great conversation starter already.

This modern tree of life blue birds suzani pillow cover has refreshing design elements embroidered in unique floral style and design. The design elements are done in beautiful lapis blue on an ivory background. The decorative pillow cover forms a perfect balance in color and design and would make an enticing modern accent pillow for your home. Whether this modern elements suzani pillow is used in garden, patio, or in a room, on a sofa, chair or chaise, this all-natural fiber would make an enticing pillow cover. 
These incredible cushion covers are just the thing to instantly update or change the entire look of your décor. Decorative pillows can add sophistication, brighten up a neutral room, or add designer appeal to a home. The handcrafted artistry of these hand embroidered pillow covers is absolutely unparalleled anywhere else in the world. 

"Kashmiri artisans have been perfecting the art of chain stitch crewel embroidery for centuries."

Any of the close-up photos of the cover will reveal its superbly beautiful and tight stitchery which means higher quality and durability. The embroidery thread is stitched expertly onto the natural cotton canvas fabric base by the finest artisans.  

Strikingly stitched into each of these decorative modern cushion covers is a design based on the artwork of the abstract artists like Wassily Kandinsky, Alfred Gockel or art nouveau artist like Gustav Klimt. Each of these artists had a distinct style and it is a great credit to the Kashmiri designers who have recreated this style in embroidery work but with an original flourish. Some of the accent pillow designs are loosely based on specific works of the artists, others are simply executed in a motif used frequently by the artist or a combination of artistic elements reminiscent of the specific artist.

Any of these pieces are hand washable in cold water or able to be dry-cleaned,  These throw pillow covers are all created in a cottage industry by artisans among whom this magnificent art has been passed down through families for centuries, and the handcrafter has spent his or her entire life perfecting the craft.


Jeri Behringer
Jeri Behringer

Very impressive. I love the way the colorful pillows spark in front of the white

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