Kandinsky Intuitive Flows Decorative Pillow Covers Hand embroidered

Kandinsky Intuitive Flows Decorative Pillow Covers Hand embroidered

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Do you find yourself looking around your home and wondering how you can give it a facelift without spending a lot? Try a color lift with Kashmir Handcrafts’ line of decorative embroidered cushions. These delightful cushion covers are sheer modern art in chain-stitch. Every one of these accent cushions, whether rendered in Soft wool or Art Silk, has the ability to transform any room.

From the patio to the living room, from den to bedroom, these fabulous eye-popping toss pillows can be used virtually anywhere. Exotic pillow covers can create a splash by pulling accent colors from the art and accessories in a room to tie it all to your own signature look.

Brilliantly designed covers inspired by the modern abstract works of such artists like Wassily Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt,  and Alfred Gockel create a new, distinctive color story depicting earthy bioforms in fiery hues. From sea to sky, these lively abstract portrayals of the artist’s world chain-stitched into couch pillows, sofa pillows, patio pillows and beyond add a sophisticated touch to any décor.

The Modern Floral designs are reminiscent of rich tapestries out of the past, rewoven for the contemporary home. Whether chain-stitched in art silk or embroidered in the finest Kashmir wool, the world-class craftsmanship makes your décor seem exotic, gives the impression of foreign travel and far-away adventures. Ancient motifs such as the Tree of Life and profuse water lilies in royal ponds are reinterpreted into modern designs for these decorative pillow covers. Dahlias, mums, peonies, violets, primroses, daisies and more create fanciful gardens with designer appeal.

For the more casual or Western décor, the Native American-inspired tribal design pillows are perfect. Each exquisitely designed cushion tells a story of healing or rite-of-passage stitched in the rich symbolism of Native American lore. One might ask why Kashmiri artisans would be interested in re-creating Native American tribal art, but the answer is simple. First, the designs are beautiful and cast in deeply symbolic colors, and second, these Kashmir wool articles are much more eco-friendly than the Merino wool that is often used in Native American-inspired art in the U.S. Kashmir (cashmere) goats are better conservators of their environment than are sheep. The finest hair is gathered to be spun into this soft woolen thread.

You can choose your color scheme according to the cushion covers and add splashes of the colors in other accessories around the room, or choose your color scheme by perhaps a larger accent piece and find pillows that will draw out those colors and punch up a formerly unnoticed piece. From brilliant jewel tones to rich pastels, sometimes juxtaposed in the same cushion, you can find almost any color scheme here that you can imagine.

The splendid stitchery of these pieces is all chain-stitch embroidery which is a more delicate and superlative kind of crewel. The dramatic background whorls of stitches create an impeccable backdrop to the carefully cultivated designs. All the thread used in these embroidered cushions is hand-spun and hand-dyed, creating some of the finest handcrafted pieces in the world.

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