Kandinsky Grand Torre Kiev Pillow Cover Hand Embroidered 18" x 18"

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Elevate your home decor with our Kandinsky-inspired black decorative pillow cover, a stunning accent that channels the spirit of Wassily Kandinsky's influential art. The colors in this abstract cushion cover evoke a psychic vibration, capturing the essence of Kandinsky's profound spirituality. Hand-embroidered with precision in Kashmiri needlework, this pillow is a masterpiece of chainstitch crewel, showcasing expert craftsmanship and a superlative stitch.

  • Composition: 70% Wool, 30% Cotton
  • Size: 18' x 18' (45 cms x 45 cms)
  • Pillow Insert not Included (Only Cover is on Sale)
  • Hand-embroidered in Village Cottage Units
  • Backing: Canvas (See the Last Picture)

The close-up view reveals the intricate chain-stitch embroidery, a testament to the skill of master artisans. Soft to the touch with Kashmir wool thread, the texture of the embroidery provides a sensory delight. Perfect for various settings, from the cabin of your boat to the chair in your solarium or the den, this abstract pillow cover is both comfortable and visually striking.

Kandinsky's influence is evident in the eye-popping colors and patterns, creating a fiery focal point in your decor. This modern throw pillow is not just beautiful but also durable, making it a versatile addition to your home. Easy to care for, this cushion cover can rejuvenate an old throw pillow or enhance a new pillow form.

Immerse your space in the profound spirituality and emotions conveyed by Kandinsky's abstract forms and colors. This artwork pillow creation, inspired by the form of concentric circles, adds a new personality to any room, engaging sight, sound, and emotions. Let Kandinsky's visual language transform your living space into an aesthetic experience that transcends boundaries.