Red 3ft X 5ft Polka Dots Wool Modern Abstact Rug / Tapestry Hand Embroidered - Kashmir Designs
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Red 3ft X 5ft Polka Dots Wool Modern Abstact Rug / Tapestry Hand Embroidered

This glorious modern abstract rug / tapestry is hand embroidered using Chain stitch needlepoint embroidery and design inspired by the works of modern artist. Vibrant colors are used to create contemporary and festive atmosphere. These can be used as an accent rug / tapestry on the floor or as a decorative wall hanging.

Chain stitch pillows are finer in workmanship than crewel pillows. Here the whole base of the pillow is covered with embroidery.

Chain stitch rug / tapestries and cushions are the specialty of Kashmir. Be it in Silk or Wool, embroidery is done by a special hook referred to as Ari rather than needle. The design ranges from floral to tribal patterns and animals to human forms and quite recently to modern abstract designs.

The rug / tapestry looks like a carpet in which the pile is substituted by the texture. These rug / tapestries are used both as floor coverings and wall hangings.

The creases visible in the pictures are due to fold and will straigten instantly once mild iron is used from the back.

Size: 3 ft x 5 ft [ 91 cms x 152 cms ] Approx.

Hand-embroidery: 100% Hand dyed Soft Wool

Back & Base: 100 % Cotton Canvass

Washing Instructions: Cold Hand Wash, Dry Flat & Mild warm Iron or simply Dry Clean.

Cottage Industry & Folklore Product

Miroâ??Ã?ôs artwork never became fully non-objective nor did he resort to complete abstraction. He devoted his life to exploring various means by which to dismantle traditional precepts of representation. He balanced spontaneity and automatism with meticulous planning and precision and because of this, his artwork, seemed plausibly representational in spite of considerable abstraction. Miro used bold and expressive colors.

A close-up view of this abstract area rug allows you to see the amazing chain-stitch embroidery work of master artisans who have practiced this art their entire lives.This abstract decorative accent rug could grace the cabin of your boat or the wall in your office.

The eye-popping color and pattern of this modern area rug is just what the designer ordered to create a fiery focal point in your dâ??©cor. Perfect wherever you need a splash of color, this contemporary ru creation is as durable as it is beautiful.
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