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"Protection of Life" Turquoise Coral Pendant

This is an incomparable necklace devoted to the divine feminine. Shamans, healers, practitioners the world over would immediately recognize this for the healing and protective piece that it is. The pendant is of sterling silver worked in silver filigree and adorned with stunning specimens of turquoise and coral is, without a doubt, full of rich layers of symbolism and amazing vibrations. First, the exemplary hand worked filigree in the base of the antique sterling silver pendant, crafted into what we recognize as the paisley. The paisley was originally a portrayal of the seed of life in the 15th and 16th centuries in Persia and Kashmir, later evolving into the stylized shape we know today. Set into the base is a glorious piece of polished turquoise cut to represent the Omphalos, or the navel stone of Greek mythology, emphasized by the coral rondelle set into it. Below the navel is a stylized yoni in turquoise. All together, with the feminine associations with silver, this pendant represents a life-giving womb. The turquoise stone and coral pieces bring vibrations of peace and protection. Turquoise has been known from Tibet to the Americas as a peace-bringing, life-giving, stone of protection. And that's just the pendant! The necklace itself is set with hundreds of turquoise and coral beads set into myriads of strands and sterling silver settings all separated and accented by silver beads.
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