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Papier Maché Collectible box Shah Jahan

These decorative hand painted Papier Machie boxes are crafted by hand by the finest artisans of Kashmir. The Shah Jahan collectibe box is tribute to the one of the greatest mughal emperors.In this gift box Shah Jahan is shown to be seated on The Peacock Throne (Takht-e Tavus), which is a famous golden throne ( that was originally built for the him in the early 17th century. The throne was subsequently captured and taken as a war trophy by the Persian ruler Nader Shah ( in 1739. The throne is now believed to be lost.This unique collectible box is expertly crafted and beautiful grey hues and tones are used to create a one of a kind gift box. This collectible box would make a memorable present for someone who appreciates arts and crafts and loves rich Indian history.

Shah Jahan's period saw some of India's most well-known architectural and artistic accomplishments including the construction of Taj Mahal. He was know for architectural achievements, was a prolific builder and had refined aesthetic sense. His greatest achievements include world famous Red Fort ( and Jama Masjid (,_Delhi) in Delhi, the Shalimar Gardens of Lahore ( , sections of the Lahore Fort ( (such as Sheesh Mahal ( , and Naulakha pavilion ( ), and his Tomb of Jahangir ( .

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