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Klimt Modern Abstract Rug 3ft x 5ft

Classic symbols of abstract artist Gustav Klimt's work "Expectation" are depicted here in this fine Kashmiri embroidery. The pastel blues and the white motif remind us of a windswept sky, giving the piece an airy feel. The close up photos show the delicately chain-stitch embroidered whorls of the background. This glorious modern abstract Rug/tapestry is hand embroidered using Chain stitch needlepoint embroidery. This motif brings to mind not only Klimt's famous "Tree of Life" painting, but also Kandinsky's colorful concentric circles. A delightful depiction of abstract modern art, this design is chain stitched into a meta-motif of the soul approaching the tree of life. Since the 15th century, Kashmiri artisans have produced the finest chain stitch crewel work in the world. This festive rug / tapestry belongs in your home, defining your décor.

Vibrant colors are used to create contemporary and festive atmosphere. These can be used as an accent rug on the floor or as a decorative wall hanging.

Chainstitch is finer in workmanship than crewel. Here the whole base of the fabric is covered with embroidery.

Size: 3 ft x 5 ft (Approx.)

Hand-embroidery: 100% Art Silk (Synthetic Rayon)

Back & Base: 100 % Cotton
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