Kashmir Royal Red Gold Paisley Jamawar Shawl Hand Embroidered Suzani Needlework Wrap 27x76"

Kashmir Pashmina Shawls are world famous for their embroidery, beauty, texture a design. This Shawl or Stole is part of our Paisley collection where we work directly with the master artisans of Kashmir to create exquisite and finely embroidered shawls rarely made or sold nowadays. It takes master artisan between 3 to 4 months to create one Paisley shawl of this intricate workmanship and finesse. Whole base of the shawl is embroidered in elaboratePaisley designs and beautiful colors. The base material used in our shawls is woven from the fleece of the central Asian species of mountain goat, Capra hircus. This is popularly known in the West either as Pashmina (from Persian Pashm, meaning in fact any kind of fine wool) or cashmere, from the old spelling of Kashmir. Details of the Product: Size: 27 inch x 76 inch (Including Fringes) One-of-a-kind Shawl Fine Hand Embroidered Shawl Hand Dyed Shawl Unique Kashmir Embroidery Design Soft Kashmir Wool Product of Kashmir (India) Care for your Paisley Shawl: With proper care Paisley Shawl will maintain its looks for a very long period of time and can be passed from one generation to another. Proper care will also increase its softness and luster. Here are some basic tips: For best results always hand-wash in very cold water with a mild detergent, a low pH shampoo, or use pure Castile soap. To dry, gently press out the excess water and hang over a shower curtain rod or lay it down on a flat surface. When the Shawl is dry, cover it with a thin cotton sheet and press with a warm iron. Always store your shawl outside the reach of bugs and store with it a few cinnamon cloves wrapped in muslin. Always keep it away from dampness and heat.
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