Kandinsky Red Silk rug / tapestry Airplane / Wall Tapestry Hand Embroidered 2ft x 3ft - Kashmir Designs
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Kandinsky Red Silk rug / tapestry Airplane / Wall Tapestry Hand Embroidered 2ft x 3ft

This modern accent rug / tapestry is hand embroidered by the finest artisans of Kashmir and design inspired by the works of modern artist, Wassily Kandinsky. Many of our customers buy these contemporary rug / tapestries as a wall art to decorate the walls of their modern homes or to spice up their traditional dâ??©cor. The expert Kashmiri needlework in this handmade, hand embroidered contemporary rug / tapestry is of the finest chain stitch, a superlative stitch. The eye-catching design deserves to be seen and experienced. Wherever you place it, it is sure to draw attention. The art silk embroidery makes it soft to the touch, and the texture of the embroidery is a sensory delight. This area rug / tapestry will make an excellent outdoor or indoor rug / tapestry and will add fun and festive atmosphere to your home.

A close-up view of this abstract modern rug / tapestry allows you to see the amazing chain-stitch embroidery work of master artisans who have practiced this art their entire lives. This abstract rug / tapestry could grace the cabin of your boat or the wall in your office. Perfect wherever you need a splash of color, this modern area rug / tapestry creation is as durable as it is beautiful.

The creases visible in the pictures are due to fold and will straighten instantly once mild iron is used from the back.

Size: 2ft x 3ft ( 61cms x 91cms)

Hand-embroidery: 100% Art Silk

Back & Base: 100 % Cotton Canvass

Washing Instructions: Cold Hand Wash, Dry Flat & Mild warm Iron or simply Dry Clean.

Cottage Industry & Folklore Product

Kandinsky conveyed profound spirituality and inner human emotion through a visual language of abstract forms and colors that transcended cultural and physical boundaries. He used interrelation between color and form to create an aesthetic experience that engaged the sight, sound, and emotions of the viewer.

Kandinsky viewed music as the most transcendent form of non-objective art & musicians could evoke images in listeners&rsquo minds merely with sounds. He crafted spiritually rich paintings that alluded to sounds and emotions through sensations. Modern Artist Wassily Kandinsky used the form of concentric circles to portray the soul. Rendered here as chain stitch embroidery work, this cushion cover can create a new personality for any room in which you choose to use it.
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