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Holiday Christmas Ornaments, Hand Painted Ball, Bell, Tree and Maple Set

Complete christmas tree or holiday decoration ornaments. See additional images for details and other items included in this set.
Exquisitely hand crafted by the finest artisans, our decoration christmas ornaments are designed in vibrant colors that will truly make your christmas tree beautiful and meaningful, since these are all hand made.

Details of the ornament Set*:
  • o Hand Painted Papier Mache Ball: 3" Inch Diameter 
  • o Hand Painted Bell: 3" Inch Length 
  • o Hand Painted Maple Set (3pcs): 5", 4" & 3" (Inch) Length 
  • o Hand Painted Tree Set (3Pcs): 4", 3.2", 2.5" (Inch) Length
*Dimensions are approximate.

The workmanship in these holiday ornaments is unique in style and design, artisans indulge in creating such intricate art as it needs absolute dedication, skill, finesse and above all lot of time to complete such ornate objects. After passing through the hands of several artisans and craftsmen, each specializing in a specific layer of process, an object of exquisite beauty comes to life. These artisans have inherited the essential skills and aesthetic intelligence that it takes to fashion this art.

The christmas set will make an exceptional choice for a holiday present to you friends and families who appreciate unique hand made products made in cottage units.
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