Grand Jewel Carpet 6ft x 9ft - Kashmir Designs
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Grand Jewel Carpet 6ft x 9ft

Jewel Carpet is a magnificient and exceptional art of Zardozi. This art thrived in Mughal era and received patronage of Kings and Royal families. Semi-precious stones, hundreds in numbers depending on the size and design, like Jade, Onyx, Tiger Eye, Quartz, Turquoise, Coral, Lapis, malachite, and moonstone are meticulously crafted and fixed in golden or silken threads to create a fine object of wall hanging or tapestry.
Jewel Carpet is prepared by highly skilled Master craftsman, who have varied experience. They have the technical know-how and patience to pass a needle thousands of times through cloth with not a cotton thread but a thin metallic plated wire for creation of an exclusive item which has a magnetic effect that attracts people on the very first look. The plated wires are artistically interwoven on velvet cloth with fringes on all four sides. This is decorated with stones in utmost precision and balance. The Jewel Carpet is sometimes endowed as a gift on marriage occasions and used for wall hanging. Kings, Nawabs and Rajas, usually purchased the carpet in bygone days, but with change of social order and economic scenario all over, this is now an item for people of taste.
While this was an item of furnishing, small sized carpets were occasionally used for wall hangings. In the European Countries the art of hand painting, used for wall hanging, has reached its zenith during the last three centuries and the artisans in the Indian sub-continent, includingKashmir, were greatly influenced to prepare a substitute item of exclusive object to be used for wall hanging. The item had to have balance with the total environment to entice rich people to make it saleable. The Master artisans conceived an object called the Jewel Carpet, which has inclusion of local tinge and befits local atmosphere and taste.
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