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Elephant Wall Art Decorative Panel Jewel Art Tapestry, 26W X 22H

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This magnificent elephant wall art jewel tapestry has beautiful turquoise and coral stones embroidered on to the saddle and gorgeous silk hand embroidery flower blossoms woven along the edges, with each center a tiny jewel. These elephant wall art decorative panels today are embroidered in silk made from mulberry worms raised in Kashmir. The resulting sheen and luster gives an interplay of infinite reflections. Jewel embroidery work is a magnificent and exceptional art of Zardozi. This art thrived in Mughal era and received patronage of Kings and Royal families. Semi-precious stones, hundreds in numbers depending on the size and design are meticulously crafted and fixed in golden or silken threads to create an exquisite wall hanging or tapestry.
  • Details of the Elephant Wall Art:
  • Width: 26? Inch (66 cms)
  • Height: 22? Inch (56 cms)
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