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"Blue Heaven" Lapis Silver Earrings

These faceted dangle earrings of Lapis Lazuli are stylish and one of a kind. Lapis is a peaceful stone bringing serenity and vision to its wearer. It is also said to be protective and in touch with spirit guardians. Each earring has five lapis rondelles interspersed with sterling silver beads. This handcrafted pair shows off the color of the night sky that Lapis is purported to represent. It is a stone of deep harmony. Lapis, the stone of Blue Heaven, has been cherished around the world for five millennia. It was worn only by royalty in the ancient world. It was ground into powder to be used as eye shadow by Egyptian queens and princesses, and lapis jewelry adorned them. In many cultures it was a sacred stone and considered to have magical powers. The beautiful blues in Renaissance art came from ground lapis.
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