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ardabil museum quality silk on silk rug 6ft x 9ft

This splendid and world famous design has its origin in the town ofKashan. In 1530, Master weaver Maqsud was commissioned by Shah Tahmasp to produce for the prayer hall of his court one of the greatest carpets of all times known as theArdebilcarpet. At 17.5 feet x 34.5 feet, this carpet could not be completed during Shah Tahmasp's reign and was actually completed during the reign of Shah Abbas in 1539. It carried the distinction of being personally supervised by Maqsud of Kashan which is apparent in its beautiful proportion and superb colors. Moreover, it bore this inscription: I have no refuge in the world other than thy threshold. There is no protection for my head other than this door. The work of the slave of Maqsud of Kashan in the year 946 (1530 - 40 A.D) The Ardebil carpet by virtue of its design and craftsmanship is regarded as one of the greatest carpets in the world. The warp and weft of the carpet is pure silk.Ardebilis a tranquil in design. It has 16 bands radiating out and equidistant from an almost round 16 pointed medallion. This suggests that the design was intended to indicate a circular dome from which two golden lamps would be suspended. As is the custom, a quarter of the center design is repeated in the four corners for harmony and symmetry. The cartouche border features a twin guard and introduces the cloud motif. Because it was created for a holy place, the design does not contain images of animals and figures. This carpet was purchased by theVictoriaandAlbertMuseum,Londonin 1924 for 18000 pounds where it is exhibited today. Previously it was acquired by Zieigler & Co ofTabriz, and then by Vincent Robinson & Co in 1893. With determination, contemporary master carpet artisans ofKashmirlabored to emulate this design and have ultimately fabricated the Ardebil Mosque design with finesse and elegance for modern carpet buyers.
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