8x11ft Qum Silk Rug Oriental Carpet Tree of life Four Seasons Geometric HandKnotted - Kashmir Designs
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8x11ft Qum Silk Rug Oriental Carpet Tree of life Four Seasons Geometric HandKnotted

This Handknotted Tree of life four seasons Qum oriental silk rug carpet is handmade by the finest artisan in family-based village cottage units using the original technique of oriental carpet making using natural organic pure silk. The tree of life silk rug carpet, by virtue of its design and craftsmanship, is regarded as one of the greatest carpet designs in the world. The beautiful color tones in this silk rug highlight the four seasons of the world-famous tree of life design all over the silk rug giving it a subtle touch and making this rug unique and mesmerizing. The silk threads reflect the light and the dazzling sheen of the pure makes the rug changes the color throughout the day which truly makes these silk rugs magic carpets. This silk rug is not just for one room but the whole house as the rug has beautiful in various gree and brown hues and tones that can blend in any color scheme making this rug a versatile rug.

This Handknotted pure silk unique Tree of life four seasons design combined with fine lustrous silk is mystical and makes this one of a kind rug.

Size: 8ft x 11ft (243 cm x 335 cm) Approx.
Quality: 324 KPSI / 50 Raj / 216L
More than 4.1 Million Hand Knots in the Rug
Material: 100% Premium Natural Silk
Certified Village Cottage Unit Product
Pile: 100% Natural Pure Silk, Foundation: Cotton
Technique: 100% Hand-knotted by the finest artisans
Certificate of Authenticity mentioning the above facts will be enclosed.
History of the design included
Maintenance Instructions Included
Style: Oriental, Persian, Traditional, Geometric
Creation Time: 32 months, Approx.
Ship from Boston, USA
Rug Sku: SOC8X11G07

View additional pictures to see the intricate design and beautiful pattern done in superb craftsmanship unparalleled in the whole world by the finest artisans in village cottage units using natural organic materials.

Bring the 15th Century world into your living room with the glow of a museum-quality Kashmiri silk rug. From the expansive loft to the grand palace, nothing conveys good taste and lush culture like Kashmiri silk rugs.

Our selections of exquisite silk rugs reflect the glory and grandeur of the royal Mogul courts. Hand-knotted in the finest quality silk, these silk rugs glow with a divine lustrous sheen resulting from the interplay of infinite reflections. These cause dramatic changes in the colors, tones, and hues from one edge of the carpet to the other, creating a mesmerizing and magical effect. Every single rug design has a rich history and tradition dating back to prior centuries, making every rug an heirloom and a fascinating conversation piece.

Tree of Life

Much of the significance may not be attributed to ancient symbolism, which is depicted in many carpet designs; but at the same time, one cannot be dubious of the fact that there are decidedly religious and mythological ideas having a great influence on carpet art. The tree of life design represents the connecting link between the three world levels of ancient Orient: 1) Paradise (in the sky), 2) the world of men (on Earth), and 3) the world below. It is a myth that in the sky above they all were united by a great axis running vertically through the center. The idea of depicting the world axis as a tree is very important as well as ancient and is found in many other arts, besides carpets (of course, in European as well as oriental mythology). But one must always remember that with oriental mythology, the language of Symbolism is many-layered and chequered. The universal appeal of tree of life "design", or any other design, depends in purely aesthetic consideration of the suitability of motif in the given design situation as also the degree of technical accomplishment in its perfect execution. The tree of life as the world axis is by no means the only form of symbolic tree encountered in ancient art. can find countless examples of trees in carpet designs with religious associations. Awareness of possible mythological implications in tree design needs, however, to be balanced by the knowledge that much of Persia is stony Desert -; this alone should be a sufficient reason why carpet designs should so often be filled with flowers and trees.
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