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3'x5' Tree of Life Blue Silk Rug Birds Carpet Oriental Design Accent Wall Art


This Handknotted Pure Silk on Silk blue museum-quality rug with birds is handmade by the finest artisan in family-based village cottage units using the original technique of oriental carpet making using natural organic pure silk. The beautiful lustrous blue base color tones in this carpet highlight the tree of life design all over the silk rug giving it a subtle touch and making this rug unique and mesmerizing. The silk threads reflect the light and the dazzling sheen of the pure makes the rug changes the color throughout the day which truly makes these fine silk on silk rugs magic carpets.

  • Size: 3ft x 5ft (90 cm x 150 cm) Approx. 
  • Quality: 288L / 576 KPSI / 66 Raj
  • More than 1.2 Million Knots in the Rug
  • Material: 100% Premium Natural Silk
  • Certified Village Cottage Unit Product
  • Pile: Pure Silk, Warp: Pure Silk, Weft: Pure Silk, Fringes: Pure Silk
  • Technique: 100% Hand-knotted by the finest artisans
  • Certificate of Authenticity mentioning above facts will be enclosed.
  • History of the design included
  • Maintenance Instructions Included
  • Style: Oriental, Persian, Traditional
  • Creation Time: 18 months, Approx. 
  • Ship from Boston, USA
  • Rug Sku: SOS3X5G07

View additional pictures to see the intricate design done in highly stylized beautiful patterns and superb craftsmanship unparalleled in the whole world.

The history and development of the carpet industry in Kashmir were associated with and influenced by the opulent lifestyles of its rulers, nobles, and aristocrats. The introduction of this industry into Kashmir dates back to the reign of Zain-ul- Abdin (Badshah), c1420 A. D. Hundreds of master craftsmen were invited to Kashmir from Persia. Some of the craftsmen settled in Kashmir and initiated rug weaving. This is perhaps due to an atmosphere conducive to this trade and also the great appreciation for these works of art.

Under the patronage of the Mughal emperors like Akbar and Shah Jahan, Kashmiri artisans created the finest silk and wool rugs for the nobles, aristocrats, royal courts, and grand palaces. Kashmiri artisans create exclusive museum quality rugs using a high number of knots per square inch and by blending scored of vivacious colors into a single rug. 

Our selection of exquisite silk rugs reflects the glory and grandeur of the royal Mughal courts. Hand-knotted in the fine quality pure silk, these silk rugs glow with a divine lustrous sheen resulting from the interplay or infinite reflections. These cause dramatic changes in the colors, tones, and hues from one edge of the carpet to the other, creating a mesmerizing and magical effect. Every single rug design has a rich history and tradition dating back to the prior centuries, making every rug an heirloom and fascinating conversation piece.

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