Show, Don't tell - Pictures by our great customers

Show, Don't tell - Pictures by our great customers

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"Kashmiri artisans have been perfecting the art of chain stitch crewel embroidery for centuries."

Gustav Klimt's motif 'The Kiss and Embrace' has been reinterpreted by finest artisans into a hand embroidery masterpiece decorative art nouveau pillow cover. Various tones of earthy browns colors were used by the artisan to create an unparalleled contemporary piece. This unique pillow works as an excellent throw pillow and is a must for accessorizing any sofa, couch or chaise lounge. Check out our entire Klimt Pillow Cover Collection

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This American flag union jack pillow cover has refreshing red and blue colors, done on ivory white background, hand-embroidered in beautiful chain stitch technique by the finest artisans using natural organic materials.

Check out our collection of American and British Flag Pillow Covers available in square 18x18 and lumbar 14x20.

Kandinsky conveyed profound spirituality and inner human emotion through a visual language of abstract forms and colors that transcended cultural and physical boundaries. He used interrelation between color and form to create an aesthetic experience that engaged the sight, sound, and emotions of the viewer.

View Our Klimt Pillow Cover Collection

 Gustav Klimt is remembered as one of the greatest decorative painters of the twentieth century, and also produced one of the century's most significant bodies of erotic art. Initially successful as a conventional academic painter, his encounter with more modern trends in European art encouraged him to develop his own eclectic and often unique style. Klimt believed in the equality of fine and decorative art and was one of the most influential exponents of Art Nouveau, the movement that spread throughout Europe in the late 19th century.

View our Cat Pillow Cover Collection - Available in Square and Lumbar Sizes

Our whimsical Picasso inspired modern cat cushion covers have unique designs and abstract cubism makes these pillows artful and must for any modern home. These would make an exciting accent pillow for your couch, sofa or home office.

View Our Floral Pillow Cover Collection

These unique, seamless floral pillow covers would bring together the artistic elements of any room, creating a harmonious design and perfect air of sophistication. These decorative cushion cover have a beautiful design hand embroidered in an artistic pattern which flows seamlessly over the whole pillow.

 Southwestern Tribal Design Pillow Cover Collection

Tribal Kilim designs are beautiful and inspiring. They contain myriads of elements that can be pulled together to create whole new works. Each symbol in these decorative pillow covers has deep meaning, and together they produce works that are not only attractive and desirable for aesthetic reasons but also for their ability to enliven and elevate the vibration of the room.

Lumbar Pillow Covers
Matisse Pillow Covers

Floral Pillow Covers -The eye-popping color and pattern of the floral throw pillows are just what the designer ordered to create a fiery focal point in your decor. Perfect wherever you need a splash of color, our decorative floral pillow creations are uniquely beautiful.

 Alfred Gockel The bright colors and the graceful motion of his characters mark his beautiful and artistic compositions, which reflect the zest of life and push his works to a higher level of visual pleasure.

Alfred Gockel Pillow Covers
Contemporary Pillow Covers

Kandinsky used interrelation between color and form to create an aesthetic experience that engaged the sight, sound, and emotions of the viewer. Kandinsky viewed music as the most transcendent form of non-objective art musicians could evoke images in listeners‚ minds merely with sounds.

 Whimsical Cat Pillow Cover Collection - Hand embroidered

View our entire Kandinsky Pillow Covers Collection
 The juxtaposition of Kandinsky and Klimt Design Pillow Covers

View Our Entire Karla Gerard Pillow Cover Collection

World-renowned Maine based folk art and abstract artist, Karla Gerard is self-taught and has been painting since her teenage years with great passion and dedication. Karla’s passion is painting unique colorful folk art abstract patterned landscapes with trees, birds, sheep, cats, and flowers in acrylics and some mixed media on canvas.
Her works are found in several institutions and in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide where her artwork has been the center of attention.


View Our Klimt Pillow Cover Collection

Any of the close-up photos of the cover will reveal its superbly beautiful and tight stitchery which means higher quality and durability. The embroidery thread is stitched expertly onto the natural cotton canvas fabric base by the finest artisans.  

Strikingly stitched into each of these decorative modern cushion covers is a design based on the artwork of the abstract artists like Wassily Kandinsky, Alfred Gockel or art nouveau artist like Gustav Klimt. Each of these artists had a distinct style and it is a great credit to the Kashmiri designers who have recreated this style in embroidery work but with an original flourish. Some of the accent pillow designs are loosely based on specific works of the artists, others are simply executed in a motif used frequently by the artist or a combination of artistic elements reminiscent of the specific artist.

Any of these pieces are hand washable in cold water or able to be dry-cleaned,  These throw pillow covers are all created in a cottage industry by artisans among whom this magnificent art has been passed down through families for centuries, and the handcrafter has spent his or her entire life perfecting the craft.

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